Thai Missing Project
We are the first and only NGO in Thailand that operates as a center that accepts missing people notification to provide assistance, coordinate with agencies working in tracking, and help those who have risks to health and safety. Our center has a direct role in giving advices and assisting families of the missing people to be able to enter the process of judgment, which is a key factor in searching and helping the missing people to safely return back to their families.
 Work from Homeless Project
Project Concept -Most homeless people have an issue with their quality of life due to being inferior in every aspect, including finance. To clarify, they do not have enough savings or income to move up the class system. -Homeless people lacks an access to income sources (work)
 Volunteer Fire Project (The Mirror Foundation - Chiang Rai)
We have opened a center which volunteers to help with controlling wildfire and recraiming forest/clean air.
 Happy Hospital Project
The motive behind our mission for pediatric patients in the hospital is to design and develop activities which can build happiness and cure miseries that have been caused by the stressful environment in the hospital. In fact, our main support is volunteers from the "Volunteer Creates Happiness team".
 Computer for Children Project
Our project has found out that many small schools in remote areas are still in lack of learning resources, particularly computer devices. Computer is a learning equipment that students can use for searching information. In this 21st century world where we are all in a digital age, students in the rural area have far less access to digital datas comparing to students in the city. Furthermore, although the government may have allocate some budget for this particular issue, it is stil not sufficient enough for students to have one computer device for each of their own use.