About The Mirror Foundation. 

The Mirror Foundation was founded in 1991 by a tiny group of five students. Since then, we have continuously expanded to become one of the most prominent Thai Non Governmental Organization. To accomplish our primal goal of social development, we promote Human Rights, Education, the use of New Media and Information Technologies, Volunteer training and resources sharing.

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             We strongly believe that it is essential to act as a mirror reflecting society as a whole. To improve social welfare, we thus need to catch both urban and rural reality, to use both new means of communication as social media and traditional ones. It is why we implement a triple approach. First we Develop Human resources, constructing a grassroots activists network through efficient training. Then, we Build Innovation, supporting breakthrough initiatives coming from the basis. Finally, we Make a Difference by being the spokesperson of those who are not heard.

             The Mirror Foundation works in a variety of areas. Nationality assistance, Missing Persons Project (Help family finding missing childing), Human on street project (Help person who live on street and access welfare state) , Volunteer work with sick children in the hospital, etc.

             The Mirror Foundation does not affiliate with any political organization.

Create People

We are deeply convinced that the enhancement of Social Development cannot be reached without massive collective wills and initiatives. To translate them into concrete achievements, they need to be aimed at core concerns. It is why we have to be able to identify concrete problems the poorest face. 

Through our Volunteer Program we provide our activists with practical and theoretical tools. For more than 20 years, we have managed to builda skilled nationwide grassroots network. Its members channel information, data and experience, which allow us to identify peoples need. They spread even more our knowledge and actions.


Build Innovation

Innovation is the key of efficiency, paving the way for a renewed society. We create tools and processes to tackle the obstacles we encounter and resolve the problem we identify. We support and promote inventive actions from our activists. It is the source of our dynamism since our creation.

Make the Difference

The two first steps allow us to make the difference by raising accurate questions unknown from the general public. It enables us to speak for those who cannot> It commits us to express the needs of the homeless, the distress of child-beggars, the loneliness of the aged. It reinforces in turn the necessity of innovation and training.

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